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Developing Support System for Rural Teachers for ASEAN Countries

Beijing, China, 12-13 June 2018 – The first Working Meeting of INRULED ASEAN Teacher Support System Research Team successfully came to an end with the active participation of 6 delegates from abroad and INRULED’s teachers project team. Succeeded to the international seminar entitled “Developing Support System for Rural Teachers for ASEAN Countries” in November 2017, a research project themed as “Support Systems for Teachers in ASEAN Countries: Status, Good Practices and Challenges” was initiated by INRULED and participated by researchers from 5 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand). Each participating country presented the detailed research proposal and reported the progress so far. A further discussion and feedback were made to each country’s  research plan with the aim to guide their future actions.

To create an opportunity for academic exchange between Chinese and ASEAN academia, INRULED, in cooperation with the Centre for Teacher Education Research of Beijing Normal University, organized an academic salon, “Teacher Support: Global Trends and Practices in the Context of ASEAN Countries” on 12th afternoon. Global trends in teacher education, effective pedagogy and how best to support teachers in the context of ASEAN countries from the perspective of SDG 4 and Education 2030 were talked over. Post graduate students and international experts had a heated discussion on teacher education in ASEAN countries.

On 13th, INRULED ASEAN teacher support system research team paid a visit to Beijing Haidian Teachers Training College. The college perspicuously introduced their overall work, deep learning project and teacher professional development in Haidian District with special focus on teachers working in rural areas. The research team had a comprehensive understanding on the local teacher support system in China. More fruitful cooperation and exchanges between China and ASEAN countries in the field of teacher education were expected.

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